Metaverse: less than one in ten young people plan to equip themselves to access it

The metaverse is still in its infancy, and yet many companies are already looking to invest in this virtual universe to promote their products. The key to success will obviously lie in the number of users. And for now, younger people don’t really see much interest in the metaverse.

piper sandler metaverse study
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For a few weeks now, more and more companies and entities have announced their imminent or future arrival on the metaverse, these virtual spaces accessible via VR or AR headsets. On April 8, 2022, the city of Cannes confirmed that it intended to sell part of its heritage in the form of NFTs in the metaverse.

We can also mention Coca-Cola which will offer a “pixelated drink” on the metaverse, or the PSG which wishes to offer many NFTs for sale on this same metaverse. Even the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron has expressed his desire to create a European metaverse. You would have understood it, these virtual universes seem to represent the new race for goldand success will be there for brands on one condition: that the metaverse welcomes enough users to buy their NFTs.

piper sandler metaverse study
Credits: Piper Sandler

The metaverse is far from arousing the interest of young people

And precisely, the American investment bank Piper Sandler wanted to look into young people’s interest in the metaverse. To do this, she interviewed 7,100 American teenagers aged 16 on average. Well, it must be recognized that the metaverse does not seem to arouse the excitement of the respondents. In effect, only 9% say they want to get a VR headset to access these virtual universes.

On the other hand, 26% of respondents currently in possession of a VR headset admit to occasionally using their device to visit these 2.0 worlds. In other words, it is clear that this technology is still far from motivating the crowds, and especially the youngest, the core target of these different brands. However, the metaverse could experience exponential growth in another way: video game integration in one way or another.

Because, 68% of teens surveyed claim to be a regular player. We already know that some studios have tried to approach another approach with the medium. We think of Epic Games with Fortnite, which has literally transcended the limits of its Battle Royale by becoming a substitute for TV and social networks. Witness the many virtual and exclusive concerts hosted by the game, not to mention the preview broadcast of trailers for the latest blockbusters, Die Can Wait (the latest James Bond) in mind.

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