Metro in Turkey Allows Stray Dogs to Sleep in Facilities During Winter | VIDEO

Animals have become the protagonists of funny and emotional videos in TikTok that immediately go viral, like that of homeless puppies who are allowed to sleep in a subway station in Istanbul to shelter from the cold during the winter.

The video, shared by the user @megapolistanbul, has more than 50 thousand reactions on TikTok from boarding schools who have externalized their surprise when seeing that the dogs coexist in harmony with the subway users.

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In the images you can see that a group of sleeping dogs on the carpet of a subway station in the city of Üsküdar, Istanbul, while another black rest well on the stairs without being disturbed by the passage of users who do not disturb them either.

Registered dogs

Authorities of the subway allow the dogs to protect themselves from the low temperatures that plague the city during winter, something that the inhabitants know to avoid problems inside the installations.

In a first video the account of TikTok explain that the dogs are registered and they wear identification in their ears, this in order for authorities to keep a record of the amount of homeless dogs who sleep inside the station.

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The comments were immediate and most of the users applauded the initiative to help street dogs. Other Internet users assured that it is an activity that governments of other countries should also adopt.


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Istanbul Turkey Winter

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