Metroid Dread: the game on Nintendo Switch is at a reduced price at Cdiscount

Here is a good plan for those who want to get Metroid Dread at a reduced price! On the Cdiscount site, it is possible to have the game on Nintendo Switch at exactly 30.74 euros.

For this new good deal dedicated to the world of video games, Cdiscount is pleased to owners of a Nintendo Switch console to acquire Metroid Dread on sale.

During an indefinite promotional offer, the French e-commerce site is offering its customers the game Metroid Dread at the price of €30.74 instead of 44.99 euros; i.e. an immediate discount of 14 euros made by Cdiscount. For information, this is a product eligible for free delivery to a relay point.

Released in October 2021 exclusively on all consoles in the Nintendo Switch range (including the Nintendo Switch OLED), Metroid Dread is the sequel to the Metroid Fusion game released 19 years ago. In this opus, the player embodies the bounty hunter Samus Aran who is clad in streamlined armor capable of deploying a deadly arsenal and who is sent deep into the planet ZDR on a scouting mission. Combining exploration in 2D and dynamic passages in 3D, Samus is more agile than ever but must face for the first time new enemies that are at first sight invulnerable… And the prey, now, is you.

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