Mexican Omar Reyes has been MISSING for 13 days in the border desert: “I’m fine, but tired”

This Wednesday, November 17, it will be 13 days since the last contact that the Mexican had, Omar Reyes, with his family after being reported missing in the desert from the border with the United States.

The 19-year-old, from the municipality of San Salvador in the state of Hidalgo, sent a message 13 days ago in which he asked his family for help, as his cell phone was about to run out of battery.

This is what you know about the Mexican who disappeared in the desert

It was on November 2 when the disappearance of Omar reyes; Apparently the young man would be in a point of the desert that goes from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico to the United States.

According to information shared by El Universal, the Beta Group of the National Migration Institute of Mexico detailed that the area of ​​the coordinates of the young man’s last message is “very large” and quite difficult to access.

In this sense, group personnel went to the exact place where Omar Reyes made his last call, but in the place they found two other people who have no relationship with the young man.

Given this, the relatives of the disappeared have requested that the investigation be initiated via helicopter since they are sure that the young man has little food to survive.

It was last Wednesday when Omar reyes sent a last message via WhatsApp addressed to his relatives; in the voice message he argued that he was alive, but tired because of the conditions in which he is.

Given this, Sheila Arias, his aunt, shared a message on Twitter asking that the search continue because they are sure that the young man is still alive somewhere in the desert.

In an interview with the newspaper El País, Omar Reyes’s aunt said that the young man was going to the United States along with another group of people; unfortunately only a few reached their destination and the rest remain missing.

Family members have expressed their concern since the 19-year-old suffers from a significant vision problem; in addition, he has difficulty reading and writing. They continue to await news about Omar’s whereabouts as they are confident that he is still alive.


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