Mexican pride! Young programmer reaches the final in IBM technology contest

Climate change has had a number of devastating effects on communities around the world, and they are expected to worsen in the near future if nothing is done about it. To address this problem, IBM launched a contest called Challenge Global Call for Code which aims to create solutions through the use of open source technologies to combat climate change and overcome the many challenges it has created.

Throughout the competition, great proposals have been presented to improve people’s lives and try to stop climate change, being one of the teams that went to the global final, eGreens, a project formed in which a Mexican developer.

According to FAO, annually, 34% of food grown is lost, mainly due to ignorance, inefficiencies in the irrigation system and climate change. With this in mind, eGreens created a hydroponic system that helps produce fast-growing food with the use of technology and automation.

Through its app, people can grow your own microgreens, on their land, regardless of weather conditions, taking advantage of crop recipes, without the need for agrochemicals and with the use of cutting-edge technologies helping to produce fast-growing food, through hydroponics and automatically.

Call for Code’s five global finalists, global winner, and regional winners are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, but this show doesn’t end with a check. Every year, the best projects are implemented in the real world.

Previously, some of the finalist projects, such as Project Owl in Puerto Rico, were launched in an area affected by the hurricane, while with the Prometeo project, work was carried out in the field with firefighters in Spain.

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