Mi Electro knocks down the price of the Philips OLED 935 Smart TV with integrated Dolby Atmos sound bar

My Electro does not stop launching scandalous offers to renew your old television at the best price. We have already told you about the Days without VAT on Sony models, which includes the draw for a PS5 console. And now we want to recommend another OLED Smart TV at a knockdown price. More than anything because now you can buy the 48-inch Philips 935/12 for 1,279 euros.

We talk about one of the best OLED TVs of the market, and brand new winner of the EISA awards 2020-2021 thanks to a design and image quality beyond any doubt. And if you follow our calibration guide you can get an even better image.

Buy the 48-inch Philips 935/12 for 1,279 euros (42% discount)

Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to get this complete OLED Smart TV with a built-in sound bar to offer the best acoustic landscape. The offer on Philips TVs is very attractive, but this 48-inch OLED 935 is the best option you’ll find. As if that were not enough, until March 31 You can enjoy 12-month financing without interest thanks to a agreement with Cetelem bank. What more can you ask!

48-inch Smart TVs are gaining more and more weight in the sector

the idea of ​​havinger an OLED TV in the roomor even use it as a desktop monitor, has caused sales of small-format Smart TVs, such as this 48-inch Philips OLED 935 model, to grow remarkably.

And it is that the versatility offered by a diagonal of these characteristics means that the 48-inch OLED Smart TVs have gained great weight in the television sector. And now that you can have the opportunity to enjoy one of the best Philips OLED televisions in your room and without size being an issue. When you see the features of the Philips OLED 935, you will see that your purchase is a sure hit.

more, with the 42% discount on this Smart TV Philips OLED 935 in Mi Electrohistorical minimum price and more than 250 euros cheaper than in any other distribution chain.

This is the impressive Smart TV Philips OLED 935

Philips OLED 935 Smart TVTo begin with, we find a television that offers a unique appearance and that will be the center of attention when you have visitors. And it is that on an aesthetic level the Dutch manufacturer has done a simply exquisite job, with some minimalist front frames so that the screen of this Philips OLED 935 shines with its own light. In addition, and how could it be otherwise in one of the best televisions on the market, this model has four-sided Ambilight technology to offer a unique viewing experience and a great sense of immersion.

As you can see in the image that heads these lines, the thickness of the Philips OLED 935 is minimal, thanks to its panel of organic light-emitting diodes to offer a minimalist look as well as image quality beyond any doubt.

Philips OLED 935 soundbar

Continuing with the design of the Philips 935, we want to highlight the fact that the manufacturer has integrated a sound bar signed by Bowers & Wilkins to guarantee an acoustic landscape beyond any doubt.

Buy the 48-inch Philips 935/12 for 1,279 euros (42% discount)

In terms of design we find a sound bar with reinforced ABS finishes on the inner faces to control any unwanted resonance, Kvadrat, leather, steel and fiberglass. Note that the sound bar is integrated just below the panel through a metal plate to offer the best position with which to get the best sound, as well as giving a feeling of robustness.

Philips turns to the acclaimed English manufacturer so that you do not need any external sound equipment, especially considering that this unit offers Dolby Atmos support so that the experience is as complete as possible. To do this, this set offers a 3.1.2 channel sound system consisting of 10 speakers (three 19mm titanium dome tweeters in LCR configuration) and are decoupled from the speaker cabinet for best performance. To this we must add its Dolby Atmos Elevation speakers with Tweeter-on-Top technology that achieves surprising surround sound.

an exquisite image


Turning to the panel of this television, the Smart TV Philips 935/12 bets on the technology of organic light-emitting diodes to present itself as one of the best 4K OLEDs on the market If you want to enjoy the best image quality,

In addition, it is worth noting his second AI chip that complements the 4th generation P4 processor that it incorporates to improve its processing speed, in addition to adding new functions. Philips says it uses machine learning and neural networks capable of analyzing millions of test videos from a unique database created by the Philips TV development team over the last 30 years. Thanks to this, a much better scaling is achieved, as well as a superior image quality with color, contrast, movement and sharpness beyond any doubt.

Are you worried about the possible problems of burn-in or regular retention in an OLED TV? Philips has incorporated the new Machine Learn Sharpness tool. As reported by the company, it is a “Smart Bit Enhancement system and an improved version of the Perfect Natural Reality (PNR) function. The new version of the Intelligent Dual Engine processing system adds the extra power needed to deliver a unique anti-burn-in solution that uses an advanced logo detection function to scan a 32,400-zone grid and accurately detect static content, gradually reducing intensity of local light output and avoid burn-in without compromising light output elsewhere on the screen.” Or what is the same: your Philips TV will be able to detect static images, reducing the brightness level to avoid possible burn-in or retention after keeping the image too long.

On the other hand, the Dutch manufacturer has incorporated the best HDR standards on the market, so the Philips OLED 935 is compatible with HLG, HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision so you can get the most out of on-demand content platforms such as Netflix. or Amazon Prime Video, since they have a very complete catalog of movies and series compatible with these HDR formats.


We couldn’t forget about Filmmaker Mode, a function that allows you to see all the contents as the film directors created them. To do this, all image processing is disabled and brightness and HDR levels are regulated so that you can enjoy the best experience when watching compatible movies or series.

Lastly, this model has Android TV as the operating system, so on the one hand you will be able to enjoy the benefits that Google’s operating system offers you for smart TVs, including a complete catalog of applications and games. And best of all, this model is certified by Google, so the Philips 935 has an integrated Chromecast so you can mirror your mobile screen and watch it on TV. Perfect for playing your favorite Android games.

As you may have seen, this OLED Smart TV on offer at Mi Electro It is the best opportunity to enjoy the best image quality at a great discount, so do not miss this opportunity.

My Electro will deliver the TV to you the next day

mielectro promo

Now that we know why this offer is so irrefutable, we want to give you an extra reason: the comprehensive after-sales service that Mi Electro offers. And this is where your shipping and set-up in 24 hours. if your home is within the range of the nearest store, My Electro will deliver the TV and any other products you have purchased the next day

To begin with, it is not an external company that is in charge of taking the television to you, but it is Qualified Mi electro staff who receive constant training so that they are up to date in technology and know in detail all the secrets of your new Smart TV.

In addition to taking the TV home, they will install and configure it (they can hang it on the wall) so that you have the peace of mind that your brand new Smart TV works in perfect condition and has not suffered any damage during transport. Remember that these products are very delicate, so it is better to leave this task in the hands of professionals. Finally, if you want, you can also take your old television to leave it in a green spot. What more can you ask!

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