Michael Douglas will be the new Benjamin Franklin of Apple TV +

Apple not only does not stop releasing new content on its platform, but also does not stop its negotiations to create new series and movies. On Apple TV + we will soon be able to see a New serie based on the key years of Benjamin Franklin, for which they will have the renowned Michael Douglas as the protagonist. This was confirmed by the company itself through a press release made public yesterday.

This will be the new Apple series

Truly qualified as a miniseries for having limited chapters, this new production in collaboration with ITV Studios America will have the award-winning Kirk Ellis at the helm of the script and Tim Van Patten at the head of the direction. All this with a Michael Douglas who, as we already told you, will be the protagonist by putting himself in the shoes of Benjamin Franklin.

The miniseries will be a production inspired by real events, but based on the stories described in the book “A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France and the Birth of America”, written by Stacy Schiff and winners of a Pulitzer Prize. It focuses precisely on one of Franklin’s biggest bets when, at 70 years of age and without any training, he managed to convince the French absolute monarchy to support him in his experiment in democracy across the pond.

No data about its production or premiere

Officially we do not even know the name of this miniseries. Therefore, and unlike other announcements that the company usually makes, it is a first confirmation of production without giving more information than those already mentioned. It is not yet known if it is already written, nor when it will start shooting and, of course, it is completely unknown when its premiere could be produced.

However, this announcement once again makes clear Apple TV +’s commitment to big names for production and artistic cast. In the same way, it serves to observe that the company also intends to review the history of the United States with the most important events and names. See Dickinson, the now completed series about the famous writer. More recently we have seen Lincoln’s Dilemma, a docuseries based on the legendary American president.


Be that as it may, we will continue to await new information on these and other series. We recall that the platform is still pending confirmation of the premiere of new seasons of others such as Ted Lasso or FundaciĆ³n, without neglecting the premiere of others that had already been announced for this 2022 and that still remain without an official date.

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