Michis and lomitos “are not toys”: France bans the sale of pets and animals

The sale of pets and animals was prohibited in a European country in order to avoid animal abuse that was done through the commercial exploitation of animals, as determined by the parliament of that nation.

The country that banned the sale of the animals is about France, whose Senate approved the measure with 332 votes in favor by a single vote against and 10 abstentions, achieving a high degree of consensus among the parliamentarians of the Gallic nation.

The Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie stated that the ban on the sale of pets is a breakthrough in the fight against pet abandonment, “They are neither toys nor consumer goods”, he assured in the French newspaper Le Parisien.

Therefore, it will be avoided that there are impulsive purchases by those who seek to have a pet, which, however, most of them end up abandoned. The French authorities estimate that there are about 100 thousand abandonments of animals.

When will the law that does not allow the sale of pets go into effect?

French parliamentarians indicated that the new law curbing the sale of pets It will apply from January 1, 2024, so if not, the offenders will face legal charges.

In such a way, pet stores dogs and cats will no longer be able to expose in the windows of the businesses. What’s more you will also not be able to use animals in circuses or have mink farms raised to take advantage of their skins.

Likewise, the law ensured that there is an even more regulated sale of pets on the Internet, and the punishments will go from criminal penalties for those who kill a pet and those sentenced to ill-treatment must take a awareness course.

With information from RT in Spanish.


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