Micro-enterprises and SMEs Day: its importance in the Spanish business fabric

Today, June 27, is celebrated the Day of Microenterprises and SMEs. We have all heard many times about small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but many of us do not know that they exist a third level to classify companies due to its size, in which micro-enterprises are grouped, smaller business organizations, but with a great weight in our economy

The difference between these three typologies lies in the number of workers and turnover. Being the micro-companies those with less than 10 workers, the small companies those whose workforce does not exceed 50 employees, and the medium ones with less than 250 people. In terms of turnover, we are talking about less than 2 million euros for micro-enterprises, less than 10 million in small companies, or less than 50 million euros in the case of medium-sized ones.

Small businesses, gas stations, small warehouses and professional offices are some examples of this more unknown typology, which is of enormous importance for the Spanish business fabric and for its labor market. And it is that, despite being the smallest, also It has a great weight in the economy of our country.

In Spain there is 2,924,303 SMEsof which 1,124,765 are micro-companies (38.46%), 157,799 are small companies (5.39%) and 25,644 are medium-sized companies (0.87%).

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But the most important thing about these data is that small and medium-sized companies are generating practically twice as much employment as large companies. Specifically, SMEs generated more than 10 million jobs in 2019, while large companies remained at around five million.

Only micro-enterprises generate about 20% of all employment in this countryin addition to generating wealth for himself, since his taxes stay here.

Adapting to the demands of the current market and assuming the digitization of its management is essential to compete with larger companies and have real-time information to make strategic decisions, purchases, costs, stock, margins, suppliers or customers, among others. .

I can only congratulate all these companies on their day and wish them a long road for the country’s economy.

Ismael Grande, founding partner of Copermática.

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