Micro LED technology will be the future of home theaters according to this report

The micro led screens The large size have been a reality for several years, but its high price has made it a product within the reach of very few pockets. Hence, the sales of this type of television are anecdotal. But it seems that there is hope for this technology that offers image quality beyond doubt.

According to the latest report by the TrendForce Agency, Micro LED technology will find its own market niche in high-end commercial displays and home theater systems. With this, sales of chips for large-format micro LED panels will reach 54 million dollars in 2022. And beware, exponential growth is expected in 2026: 4,500 million dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 204% .

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Samsung is the main promoter of Micro LED technology

One of the problems that this type of panel is having is its high manufacturing cost. But little by little, more and more companies are interested in finding solutions that make the whole process cheaper so that Micro LED sheets are increasingly affordable. And TrendsForce believes that the technical obstacles that are being encountered today will be overcome in the coming years, causing Micro LED technology to fully explode between 2026 and 2030, generating tens of billions of dollars.

Signatures like Samsung, Sony or LG are betting more and more strongly on this technology. They know that its image quality is unrivaled, but today its manufacturing cost is too high to offer a consumer product. Although little by little they will lower their cost, and these firms do not want to lose their piece of the cake.

Samsung Micro-LED

Although, according to TrendForce, the first market that Micro LED screens will reach will be home theaters and large commercial screens. These latest models usually use self-emissive Mini LED solutions, so to make the leap to Micro LED, it will be necessary to overcome the problems of manufacturing cost.

We recently told you all the details of the new generation of Samsung Micro LED televisions for this 2022. The Korean manufacturer has been showing models with this technology for several years because it knows that it is the future and that its solutions are of sufficient quality to lead this market. .

The idea of ​​abandoning traditional projectors to bet on a Micro LED screen in the home theater market is not so far-fetched. Right now its price is simply impossible for most customers to assume, but if they manage to cheapen their technology enough so that an 80-100 inch screen (remember that they are modular) so that they have an affordable sale price, they can attract a market of buyers who did not hesitate to bet on the best 4K projectors on the market, and who could now make the leap to Micro LED. And if in a few years they manage to have a price similar to that of the OLED, most likely it will end up being the evolution in the sector. Do you remember plasma screens?

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