Microsoft adds a secret feature to its Xbox One controller

Changing the device knob

With the idea that you can use your controller more easily between one device and another, Microsoft added a curious function to the new Xbox Series X and Series S controllers so that we can change profiles quickly. Thus, if we are playing with our console and we want to go to the PC to continue playing through xCloud, we will only have to double click on the synchronization button to go to the second profile stored in the controller.

This is a tremendously useful feature that encourages users to use their controller for many functions, however it was only available for the newer generation controllers. Up to now.

Updating the Xbox One controller

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The latest version of the Xbox Insiders system has included an update to the controller that will allow all Xbox One generation Bluetooth controllers to enjoy the same quick connection system as their older siblings. This update is currently only available to users who are part of the Xbox beta program, but it will be a matter of time before it reaches everyone.

How does it work?

The idea is that once you have linked your controller to the two devices you want (the console and the PC, for example), you will only have to press the sync button twice for the controller to change the connection between a device and another in seconds. This will avoid having to synchronize again each time you use the controller again on the secondary device.

This is something that makes a lot of sense within the Microsoft ecosystem, as the brand would encourage users to use their own accessories to move within the gaming environment. And now with xCloud, the games go beyond the console and the PC, being able to play and continue your games wherever you go with the help of the cloud. That will be one of the cases in which you use the control knob a lot, so you can always carry it with you and not worry about the connection.

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