Microsoft and Qualcomm to build custom chips for the U.S. Army

The United States Homeland Security Technology Accelerator has chosen Microsoft and Qualcomm for develop custom chips for the United States Army, as confirmed by the agency itself, as part of a plan to ensure that the United States Department of Defense has access to the latest domestic technology in chip manufacturing and development.

The project they will develop, known as Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes (RAMP), is intended for «offer best business practices to help accelerate the development process and achieve reliable, secure and state-of-the-art microelectronics design and manufacture for defense and homeland security applications«.

According to Microsoft, the company hopes to leverage the RAMP project to utilize a scalable microelectronics supply chain, all while ensuring that the design and manufacturing meet its safety and regulatory compliance requirements.

As part of its role in the second phase of the RAMP project, for which it has been chosen together with Qualcomm, Microsoft has involved several of its microelectronics partners from the business and defense sectors in the operation. Among them are BAE Systems, Cadence Design Systems, GlobalFoundries, Siemens EDA, Raytheon Intelligence, and Space.

For now, the details of the chips that the companies awarded the plan will design in this phase of the project are unknown, although Microsoft points out that the objective they seek to achieve with the new designs is to help reduce energy consumption, improve performance, reduce their physical size and improve its reliability, with the aim of promoting its use in the systems of the Department of Defense.

For those of Redmond, who will host the solution they design in Azure Government, its specific cloud area for institutional clients, «The RAMP solution will offer an advanced microelectronics development platform for mission-critical applications, with cloud, Artificial Intelligence and automation enabled by machine learning, security, and measurable reliability«.

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