Microsoft announces the arrival of a big Ubisoft exclusive on its Game Pass

Microsoft’s Game Pass is one of the most interesting services on the market in terms of video games and there is a strong new argument in its favor. The game Rainbow Six Extraction, the new blockbuster from the French publisher, will be available there from day one. Ubisoft + will also make its arrival on the platform.

The Game Pass has today a new asset and it comes from Ubisoft. Indeed, Ubisoft +, the publisher’s subscription service, will become available through the Microsoft application.

Ubisoft + is a service that provides access to over 100 Ubisoft PC games and bonuses, such as exclusive skins, for 15 euros per month. It will make its debut on Microsoft’s Game Pass, which will allow players to take advantage of their subscription on Xbox consoles.

Ubisoft and Microsoft hand in hand

It should be noted that by subscribing to the Game Pass, you will not automatically have access to Ubisoft +. This last remains a separate service and it will have to be paid in addition. It’s just accessible on Xbox through this channel. For the moment, no date has been given. It is also not known whether a price offer combining the two services will be offered or not.

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Ubisoft also made another shocking announcement: the arrival of Rainbow Six Extraction in the Game Pass since the first day. No need for an additional subscription here, since it will be included in the Game Pass subscription.

A big announcement which shows a merger between Ubi and Microsoft and which gives hope for other arrivals thereafter. As a reminder, Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on January 20. This is a cooperative FPS which is reminiscent of Left for Dead in certain aspects, but which relies much more on strategy. With the help of three other teammates, you must progress through levels infested by a mysterious alien threat. A curious title that promises good games with friends.

The title will be available on Xbox consoles, but also on PC and in the cloud. In short, a big operation for Microsoft, which is teaming up with a major partner. Ubisoft can take advantage of the millions of Game Pass subscribers, who don’t hesitate to launch games that they would never have bought in normal times.

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