Microsoft bans AI rivals from using Bing

Who could have imagined, just a couple of months ago, that Microsoft would oppose the use of Bing search results by other search services? Having bet on it at that time would have made us millionaires today, since it was almost unthinkable. Today, however, it makes perfect sense, although it is possible that the parties involved have been more than surprised by this move by Redmond. But let’s start at the beginning, that is, clarifying what rivals those are and the reasons that would have led Microsoft to act in this way.

That the pie of information seekers on the Internet belongs to a large extent to Google It is something that we all know, and we also know that there are other services of this type, with Bing at the head of the competition, it is not a surprise to anyone either. What not so many people know, although it is not a secret, is that some third-party search engines use Google and/or Bing search resultsto which they later apply their own functions, filters and so on.

Search services like You (which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times), DuckDuckGo, Neeva or Yahoo! Search (yes, Yahoo! has its “own” search engine), among others, when we use them to carry out a search, they carry out the same in Bing and later offer us the results along with their personalization layer. In this way, these companies can provide personalized search services without having to manage their own Internet indexing system, which is extremely complex and expensive.

Microsoft bans AI rivals from using Bing

This, however, may be about to change, according to what we can read in Bloomberg, since Microsoft would have contacted some of these companies to tell them that they may be left without access to Bing And of course, in this way without its main tool to be able to serve its users with the results of the searches that they want to carry out. Quite a blow that could lethally affect their chances of survival.

And why does Microsoft consider “turning off the tap” and to whom does it want to close it? Bloomberg’s information does not specifically point to any service, but it focuses on the reason why Redmond would be acting in this way, and it is none other than the inclusion of artificial intelligence assistance functions in such servicessomething that would go against their own interests with the brand new Bing with Prometheus.

Thus, for example of the four services that I have mentioned above, only Yahoo! Search would get rid of this measure by Microsoft, since You, DuckDuckGo, Neeva have announced and deployed functions based on artificial intelligence. Thus, the big question is how they will act, will they be willing to give up using functions based on AI or, on the contrary, will they stop using Bing as a search results provider? It is, of course, a very complicated decision, so we will have to see what they decide, and also what Microsoft’s next steps are.

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