Microsoft bans players for using hardware cheats on Xbox

There is no doubt that Microsoft was the first company to bet on online gaming on consoles with Xbox Live, today it is one of the most popular platforms where, like the rest, there is the phenomenon of people cheating, but not to the level of what happens on PC. How do you cheat on Xbox consoles?

The most veteran will remember devices that were connected as a bridge between the consoles and the cartridges, which allowed cheating and were based on the ability to modify certain memory addresses, which gave the ability to achieve things such as access advanced levels, have infinite lives, etc. This on PC was much easier to use due to the fact that you have always had direct access to the files to edit them, which caused the first online communities to be filled with cheats and the first measures against the so-called cheats to appear.

On consoles it’s different, we still can’t edit the content of the files and since the mid 2000s you’ve been running complex operating systems with protected memory organizations where cheating devices can no longer be used. However, to cheat on consoles like Xbox or PlayStation there is always imagination and every nook and cranny is searched.

Is it possible to cheat when playing with Xbox?

Currently, Microsoft’s commitment to online gaming is what we call cross-play where PC and Xbox users can compete with each other and if it turns out that the PC version of a particular game has a tendency to cheat, then that becomes a perjury for the console. Although we will focus from the position of the traps from Xbox and not from the PC.

On Xbox we have the so-called Strike Pack, which allow us to add the additional back buttons that the Xbox Elite controller usually has to the conventional controls and are a way to implement those extra buttons. These are very practical if we do not want to spend the 150 euros that said advanced command costs us, and the fact of using a more evolved command with more capabilities is not cheating by itself, but it does result in an advantage over the rest of the players.

And what is special about the so-called Strike Pack? The fact of support mods for different games that allow things like aiming aid wave automatic reloading of weapons. For what technically and undoubtedly you will be doing cheats when playing if you use them, since you are applying an advantage that the rest of the players do not have available and it is important in competitive play that everyone plays with the same conditions. It’s not at the level of traps like going through walls, auto kills and other absurd traps that kill a game, but no one likes to play at a disadvantage compared to others.

Cheats also on PlayStation

Strike Pack cheats PlayStation

SONY consoles are not spared either, since these types of modifications are also available for their controls, since to work they do not interact with the console itself, but with the controller. For what they are fully transparent to the system. There are many people who play games through streaming who use these controllers to have an advantage over other players and give the image of professional players. Then there have been withering account revocations by SONY or Microsoft when it has been known that they used this type of traps.

Remember that losing your PSN or Xbox Live account also means losing the games associated with it. Nobody is the best from the beginning and with time you will improve. Over time playing with aids like controller accessories to cheat on Xbox or PlayStation doesn’t pay off.

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