Microsoft Bing lets you create images with its AI, massively leaked ChatGPT, the recap

Microsoft’s new AI now lets you generate custom images. ChatGPT leaks the conversations of its users, a new well-crafted Orange scam is claiming victims, this is the recap.

bing image creator
Credits: Bing

After giving users the ability to chat with the artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT on Bing, it can now generate images based on your queries. For its part, ChatGPT was the victim of a data leak, and more specifically of user conversations with the AI. Finally, Orange customers are the target of a new scam where the counterfeiter claims a change in the customer’s contract. Come on, let’s go for the recap of the day on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Bing can now generate images

Whether Stable Diffusion or DALL-E, there is no shortage of tools to generate images at will, but this functionality is now directly available on Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Just ask it what you want to create, and the artificial intelligence will take care of generating an image corresponding to your request.

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ChatGPT suffers a massive data leak

ChatGPT was inaccessible for many hours because Open AI suffered a major data leak. Indeed, some Internet users were able to access the conversations of complete strangers, which prompted the company to disconnect its artificial intelligence in an emergency. Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved.

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Orange operator customers are the target of a phishing campaign

A new scam is claiming that a change has taken place on the contract of Orange customers, and invites them to see what will change on their bill. In reality, it is a phishing campaign that mimics the operator’s login page to steal your credentials. It is therefore always important to check from which address the suspicious email was sent.

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