Microsoft certifications with which you will double the salary

When it comes to changing jobs or improving the conditions of our current position, especially if it is related to programming, application development, computer engineering and technology in general, one of the best options we have at our disposal is to obtain a certification from Microsoft, a certification that will open many doors for us and we will be able to demand a salary according to our knowledge.

Employees who have a certification earn an average of 15% more than employees who do not, since they allow immediate proof of professional worth. In addition, companies seeking employees in this field prioritize people with these types of certificates and have a much better chance of moving up quickly.

With data in hand, 72% of technology companies consider it a requirement to have an IT certification to apply for certain jobs. 91% of hiring managers consider this type of certification in the first place to rule out candidates for a position. 65% of companies in the IT sector classify employees and candidates whether or not they have an official certification. If we talk about money, having an IT certificate, whether from Microsoft or any other company, can mean up to 16,000 euros more per year compared to other employees performing the same tasks.

Next, we show you the most demanded Microsoft certifications and that will help us improve both the conditions of our job and earn more money for practically doing the same work.

Microsoft Certifications

Currently, Microsoft allows us to obtain different types of certifications, foundational, role-based and additional certifications. To obtain them, you must pass a series of exams that you can do online from our home.


Microsoft developer certifications are aimed at proving our worth in the design, creation and maintenance of cloud solutions.


This type of certification is intended for system administrators who monitor, implement, and maintain Microsoft solutions in enterprises

Architect of solutions

With this certification, we can demonstrate our worth and knowledge in networks, storage and computer security.

data engineer

Data engineers are most demanded in the technology sector and are responsible for creating and implementing the supervision, administration, security and privacy of all data managed by the company, both from customers/users and internal to the company itself.

data scientist

A data scientist uses techniques of machine learning to evaluate and seek solutions to the problems faced by companies in any sector, not only in the field of technology.

AI Engineer

Related to the previous one, we find the AI ​​Engineer certification, a certification that demonstrates our worth by making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to design and implement enterprise AI solutions from Microsoft.

DevOps Engineer

These types of engineers work in collaboration with people, processes and technologies to offer solutions in the form of services and products that meet the company’s needs and of the users.

security engineer

The security engineer is ultimately responsible for creating and implementing Security controls and to develop protocols and protection measures against threats, protect the data of applications and networks, access in general and manage the users who have access to them.

functional consultant

Functional consultants are ultimately responsible for taking advantage of all the solutions that Microsoft makes available to companies to meet customer needs.

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