Microsoft clarifies: the appearance of Windows 11 does not affect performance

Since the first images of the operating system were seen, many users have feared the worst, which is that, in general, aesthetic effects tend to affect the performance of programs and operating systems. And, when Microsoft has confirmed that the minimum requirements to install this OS were going to increase, the fears increased as well.

Mica, the name given to the new look of Windows 11 (the successor to Metro), is responsible for all the dynamic effects of the operating system. Thanks to it, for example, applications can adjust the color according to the selected theme and background. For now, the file explorer, the Settings panel and Teams already use this new look.

We know too well that Acrylic, the effect of Windows 10, it did have an impact on performance. But how has Microsoft managed to not affect this time?

Windows 11 Start Menu

This prevents Mica from damaging PC performance

One of the novelties of this new Windows 11 effects system is that, instead of processing the background in each frame that is drawn on the screen, it only fades and saves once, offering better overall performance for the PC and a better appearance than the acrylic effect we know so far.

Microsoft has also applied a number of optimizations and changes to ensure that the other visual features of Windows 11 (such as round corners, or effects when opening, minimizing, or maximizing windows) do not affect overall PC performance at all. For example, in the case of round corners, Microsoft has a special rendering, highly optimized, thanks to which it is not possible to notice a difference with the performance we get when using square corners.

If we have tried the Windows Insider version 11 we will have seen that, indeed, the new Microsoft operating system feels very fast and fluid. It is clear that the company is doing a great job to ensure that its users get the best possible performance when working with this operating system. We can only see if, really, this great performance is maintained until the end.

Last stages of Windows 11 development

Although the launch date of the new operating system has not yet been confirmed, the various leaks that have taken place place it, approximately, around the end of October or the beginning of November of this year. More or less on par with the release of Windows 10 21H2.

Right now, users who want to try this new Windows 11 can do so, or from the Insider Dev channel (the most advanced, and unstable), or from the Insider Beta channel (somewhat more stable, but less advanced). In any case, we do not recommend testing either channel on a team. Windows 11 is still very unstable and may have problems. Better to test it, safely, in a virtual machine.

We remember that Windows 11 is going to be a free operating system for all users who already have an original Windows 10 key.

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