Microsoft Clipchamp lets you export videos in 1080p for free

A few weeks ago, Microsoft Clipchamp was released, a video editing tool for Windows 11 that was focused on simplicity and ease of use. This tool allows edit video and include numerous effectsas well as transitions, text, and more.

However, in the free mode Microsoft Clipchamp was very limited, since sIt only allowed to export video in SD, that is, in 480p, a standard that, frankly, no longer has a place in the digital age in which we find ourselves. Fortunately, the Redmond giant has realized the mistake he made, and has modified Microsoft Clipchamp’s options to allow video export up to 1080p for free.

Initially, if you wanted to export video in HD (720p), you had to pay for the $9/month plan. The plan that included FHD (1080p) export was priced at 1080p. All plans now offer the ability to export video in 1080palthough if we want to access specific elements, such as audio databases, images and video libraries, we will have to go through the box.

It’s a wise move because by allowing 1080p video export at no cost, Microsoft Clipchamp it really starts to make sense. However, there are third-party applications that allow you to export video up to 4K for free, and even include many completely free editing options, such as DaVinci Resolve, for example.

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It is possible that the Redmond giant will update Microsoft Clipchamp in the future, either in the short or medium term, and that it will continue to introduce improvements that will gradually make it a more interesting and attractive solution for the user. If we compare it with its direct rivals, it is clear that it has a lot to improve, but as we have said, it may only be a simple matter of time.

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