Microsoft Defender is automatically installed on PCs with Microsoft 365

One of the main security tools for Windows from its own company, Microsoft Defender, has been fighting for some years now. gain a prominent position in terms of security tools and the assessment made by users of them. And the truth is that they have some reasons to stick out their chests because, as we have already told you before, we are talking about a solution that periodically receives very positive recognition from independent entities such as AV-Test.

In its efforts to protect users, last June the company announced that it was expanding the availability of Microsoft Defender to all users of the Office 365 Personal and Family plans, now Microsoft 365. Let’s remember that, until then, this solution security was only available to companies and other corporate customers, not to individuals, so it represented a very important leap in its global reach.

However, despite the fact that many months have passed since then, the degree of diffusion achieved by Microsoft Defender among private users it has not been too high. The reasons? Perhaps the lack of greater communication on the part of those in Redmond, ignorance about the tool and its functions on the part of the users, preference for other security tools, in some cases probably also some mistrust… in short, an accumulation of ” possible” that has caused many Microsoft 365 users, among whom I admit to being, not to have made the leap.

Microsoft Defender is installed on PCs with Microsoft 365

Redmond has had to think of great evils, great remedies, so if the user does not go to their security software, the security software will address the users. And so much so that, as the company itself has reported on its support page, Microsoft Defender is automatically installing on Microsoft 365 Personal and Family users’ systems (It is not included, of course, in the Microsoft 365 Basic plan, presented last January and which does not include the installable versions of Office applications).

Thus, all users who have installed Microsoft 365 applications in recent days, and especially those who do so from now on, will see that the installer now also includes the security application. And what about those who already have the applications installed? They have also thought of them, of course, so that will get Microsoft Defender in the next update of the applications that you already have installed on your system.

At this point it is important to remember that Windows users already have “Windows Security” to ensure the individual protection of their systems. Microsoft Defender offers us a kind of hub in which we can monitor the security of multiple devices (Windows, macOS, Android and iOS), something especially practical if we are administrators of the family plan and want to ensure the security of all the devices of the members of the family group.

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