Microsoft faces a lawsuit for its participation in the Copilot project

California law firm Joseph Saveri has filed a lawsuit on behalf of its client, Matthew Butterick (lawyer and programmer) vs. microsoft, GitHub Y Open AI in federal court in San Francisco.

The plaintiff claims that microsoft participate in the project Copilot and thus pirates open source development, violating GitHub policies and the California Consumer Privacy Act Y DCMA 1202which focuses on false copyright management information.

Microsoft would have trained its Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in repositories GitHub Publics and this has violated the legal rights of many creators who published code or other work under open source licenses on GitHub.

But, what are those licences? Specifically they are eleven. Such popular open source licenses require name attribution and copyright, such as the MIT license, the GPL, and the Apache license.

The origin of everything

The fact that Microsoft’s GitHub and OpenAI came together spawned a stand-alone code called Copilot, though before it hits the market as a mainstream tool there is now significant demand ahead of it.

The lawsuit is certainly the first step for Butterick and Joseph Saveri’s law firm, which already plans to amend its complaint to add other GitHub user complaints that will respond. if Microsoft, GitHub and Open AI are found to be in violation.

More on GitHub

It is a collaborative development platform that hosts projects using the Git version control system, taking it as a basis for the creation of source codes for computer programs. All projects hosted by GitHub are public.

It was previously known as Logical Awsome (LLC). On June 4, 2018, it was acquired by Microsoft for $7.5 billionand although at first many of its members were reluctant to this annexation and many projects left the site, it was not a significant amount.

For all these reasons, GitHub continues to be the most important collaboration platform for open source projects. It is an assistant, based on artificial intelligence, in charge of pair programming. With Copilot we can write a code based on artificial intelligence.

With this generative tool we will be able to predict what we want to do and it will advance us complete functions with infinite variants. And that’s not all! You can get to write code from comments that are definitions written in natural language of what you need.

The three pillars of Copilot are: GitHub (which gives you code data), Open AI Codex (as Copilot Smart Engine) and Azure (which gives you processing power). Obviously it doesn’t copy the code from GitHub, since Copilot writes new code with what it learns, so that 99.9% of the generated code is new.

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