Microsoft fixes serious problems in Excel, Word and PowerPoint

The Redmond giant has released a major update that solve serious problems in key Office apps for Microsoft 365: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The first is a tool focused on writing and editing texts, while the second is a spreadsheet and the third allows us to make presentations in a fairly simple and efficient way.

The solution to all the problems that had been confirmed recently have been solved by Microsoft with the Office 2206 update. We are going to see those problems in more detail and the solutions that Microsoft has introduced to be clear. what can we expect in this regard.

“Word, Excel, and PowerPoint may quit unexpectedly when opening, closing, saving, uploading or downloading files in the cloud in Office version 2205. No errors are displayed when the app suddenly closes.”

This problem has been completely resolved with version 2206, which has already been deployed through an update that we can download and install manually. On the other hand, Microsoft has also confirmed that resolved performance issues present in Excel 365as well as crashes in that application that occurred when switching between spreadsheets containing filtered pivot tables.

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All in all, the Redmond giant has clarified that the solution to the problem of crashes in Excel is still not available for Office 2019 and 2021although to make things easier for users Microsoft has shared a temporary solution that will allow us to deal with this problem:

“If a fix isn’t available for your current version of Excel 365, you can fix the problem removing the filter of the affected spreadsheet by selecting File > Home > Sort & Filter > Clear.”

Install the latest available updates it’s key to keep Office applications safe and secure, and also to enjoy the latest bug fixes, as we can see in this article.

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