Microsoft Flight Simulator comes to Xbox Cloud

About a year and a half has passed since the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator, after the break of several years since Microsoft announced that it was ending the life of its historic flight simulator. Those of us who have been fans of Flight Simulator for a long time deeply regret that announcement, and we received with great joy the news that in Redmond they had thought better of itand that a new installment was already on the way.

About the debut of the new installment of Flight Simulator, there is little that has not already been said. From the first day the critics were unanimous in qualifying it as an exceptional job. And yes, it is true that it has many aspects that could be improved, but when evaluating it we must not forget that the work started from scratch, and that over these months several updates have already been published that, at the same time, add new content, they improve the existing one and optimize the game in a considerable way.

Now, although the optimization work carried out by the study was great news for many users, we can not fool ourselves, Flight Simulator is still very demanding when it comes to resources, especially if you want to enjoy its spectacular graphics. This is not something negative, eye, it is more, it fulfills a vital function, as we already told you at the time. But that’s no consolation for those who want to enjoy it in all its splendor, but can’t due to hardware limitations.

And at this point I speak from my own experience. Although my PC offers more than adequate performance for both work and some games, Microsoft Flight Simulator regularly chokes on it, which on more than one occasion has resulted in jerks and lag in the final phase of a VFR landing with the Airbus A320-NEO and with the Boeing 787. I don’t need to tell you about the consequences, right?

This problem, however, may come to an end for many users. And it is that, as Microsoft has announced, It is now possible to play Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Cloudthe Redmond cloud gaming service included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and which delegates all the workload to the company’s servers, thus allowing players to enjoy the latest generation titles on computers whose specifications techniques fall far short of the minimum requirements for those games.

As soon as I knew about it, obviously the first thing I did was try it. So far I’ve only spent half an hour on it, but my first impression is that the performance is sensational, not a single pull, not even flying over particularly dense scenarios like Madrid. As I have already told on some occasion before, my experiences with Xbox Cloud are very good, and in this case, with Flight Simulator, that trend has been maintained.

I only have one “but”, which I clarify previously that it is tremendously personal, and that is thatI keep missing more keyboard and mouse integration in Xbox Cloud games. This is something that does not usually affect my gaming experience too much with other titles, but today it did with Flight Simulator. The keyboard is, for many players of the Microsoft simulator, a key element of the gaming experience, but at the moment it can only be used at very specific times to type.

Thus, the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience offered by Xbox Cloud is the one that Xbox Series S | X users already know, which seems uA perfect adaptation of the controls of a simulator to a console. However, to put the icing on the cake, I think Microsoft should go one step further and enable keyboard control in Xbox Cloud. It would certainly be a more than welcome measure.

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