Microsoft gives free USB to Windows 11 users, how can I get one?

For many years, Microsoft has been trying to offer us an operating system that is reliable and secure enough to work with our PC on a daily basis. Obviously this is the case of the most recent, we refer to Windows 11 that so many followers and detractors have at the moment.

In order to offer a product free of errors and valid for the majority of its users, the software giant has a multitude of programs and engineers testing the preliminary versions of Windows. In fact, it is the users themselves who can also download these non-final versions of the operating system to carry out tests and report errors.

For all this, for years he has used the so-called insider program that anyone can sign up for for free to receive trial builds of Windows. Well, it is important to know that earlier this month the company made some significant changes to the aforementioned Windows 11 Insider program. Perhaps one of the most significant innovations was the arrival of a new channel called canaries.

This is a change that many users around the globe liked and caused enormous expectations. Especially among those who want to try the latest Windows 11 features before anyone else. However, the inconvenience occurred when the company communicated that for all this it was necessary to make a clean install of windows, which discouraged a good part of the subscribers. Precisely for this reason, Microsoft decided to make things a little easier for these undecided and thus test the preliminary versions of Windows 11.

And it is that now the firm, especially for those who do not know how to create system installation media, offers us a gift to facilitate the task.

How to receive the gift USB stick from Microsoft

We tell you all this because at this moment the company is sending units of free usb stick. This is done so that Insiders can perform a clean install of Windows 11 and start using system canary builds from scratch.

Windows 11 insider

But at this point and if we have decided to sign up for this new Windows 11 Insider program, there is something that we must keep in mind. And it is that these gift USB memories are not available to everyone. First of all, it is necessary to receive an email from the company itself where it is attached with a code to be able to make the request. In the email itself, Microsoft informs us that to perform a clean installation of Windows it is recommended to use a USB flash drive of at least 8 gigs.

Thus, in the event that we do not have one, we can request it using the attached code. However, they also make it clear to us that this is a limited offer and that available USBs are shipped on a first-come, first-served basis. The email links to this web page where we can now enter the exclusive code received and our personal data for shipping.

web usb microsoft

In addition, here we find a small list with a series of countries to which this shipment cannot be made. Also, the period of delivery is 6 to 8 weekswhich will force us to arm ourselves with patience to receive the free USB drive and test the previous versions of Windows 11.

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