Microsoft, Google… they all want their own ChatGPT, and we have already experienced this

ChatGPT It has been one of the biggest revolutions in recent years within the computer industry. Thanks to him we can see that Artificial Intelligence is not only real, but that it is even within the reach of anyone, and is capable of carrying out any task that we ask of it. Of course, the big IT companies do not want to miss the opportunity to open a gap in this market, and they have already announced what will be the first rivals of ChatGPT, does this story ring a bell?

Just yesterday, the first to announce its new personal assistant was Google. Under the name of Bard, the company wants to enter the world of Artificial Intelligence for everyone, integrating this chat into the search engine itself. bard uses LaMDA, Language Model for Dialogue Applicationsand seeks to differentiate itself from ChatGPT primarily by the ability to display more up-to-date information about user requests instead of being limited to information from a year ago as ChatGPT is.

Shortly after it was Microsoft who announced his new alternative to ChatGPT. This new assistant based on Artificial Intelligence arrives to be integrated into the Bing search engine itself, as well as into the Edge browser, to help users when searching for information on the Internet.

There’s even a new competitor in the equation, ERNIE Bot, the alternative to ChatGPT from the Chinese giant Baidu. The functionalities of this chat are very similar to those of OpenAI’s rival, being capable of both helping with searches and writing texts, poems, and even code.

For now, none of these new AIs are available to users, as they are in the internal testing phase, and everything related to them is kept top secret. Therefore, we have no choice but to wait to see its evolution and, as soon as Google and Microsoft open their AIs to the general public, we will be able to test if they are capable of standing up to ChatGPT. In the case of Microsoft AI, we can join the waiting list in this link so that, when there is a gap as a tester, they notify us and we can try it before anyone else.

history repeats itself

Does this situation look familiar to us? For sure yes. Surely we remember when Apple introduced Siri, its personal assistant and, shortly after, all the others began to launch their own assistants (Google Assistant, Cortana, Sherpa, Alexa…), assistants that, in the end, everyone is capable of doing. the same and that the only thing that differs is in the name that we have to use to call them.

In the end, if an AI is good (and surely all of them are, since both Google and Microsoft have decades playing with Artificial Intelligence), he will be able to do everything in a more or less similar way to his rivals.

What is clear is that we are facing a new era of computing, an era dominated by Artificial Intelligences that, depending on how we use them, can be as useful as they are dangerous.

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