Microsoft has created a controller for the Xbox with… a screen!

Currently, the Xbox controller is possibly the best controller available. Its great strength is that it is not only compatible with the console, but also with PC and smartphone. We can connect it to both devices in a very simple way, without the need for complementary software and other settings, which makes it very easy to configure and use.

Microsoft works on a controller with a screen

At the moment, all the data we have so far on this new command comes from a patent. Apparently, Microsoft would be working on a Xbox gamepad that includes an LCD screen in the middle. It seems that this screen, at least according to what the patent says, would be designed to show notifications.

When we have the controller connected to the console, PC or smartphone, different notifications will be shown. We know little else about this new screen and the notifications it will show.

new xbox controller screen

We go like the design of the command is modified, but not excessively. The existing middle Xbox button will be moved from the top and will be below the current two auxiliary buttons and in the middle of the arrow keys and right joystick. For the rest, the control would not have any type of change.

Note that the Xbox controller has not undergone many changes compared to the previous generation. The Xbox One controller is practically the same as the Xbox Series X | Swith some slight cosmetic changes.

Although initially it is indicated for notifications, it is possible that additional functions will be added. Initially, notifications of connected friends, battery charge status or even advertising could be displayed. We do not rule out that it can be used to promote games or any other type of advertising.

Microsoft Xbox integrated screen controller

A good idea, at least, in principle

Adding a screen, in principle, sounds good. It is possible that this LCD screen could be touch, so features could be added in games, for example. Thinking back, Metal Gear Solid on the first PlayStation required changing the controller position to defeat Psychomantis.

Quite possibly, gaming in the cloud will have great importance on this new screen within the Xbox controller. We know that Microsoft is working hard to enhance its cloud gaming platform. It has already introduced in the Windows 11 game bar that, from there, they can be started directly from said bar.

Now, this screen raises two unknowns. The first is the battery life with the screen, since autonomy is always an important issue. As is logical, it will have a significant additional consumption, something that could be “solved” by turning on the screen only when necessary. And, secondly, to know how much money this new command will cost, which surely will not be especially cheap.

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