Microsoft has just launched an esport competition on one of its software

As esports competitions expand all over the world, new challenges are taking place over games and software, which seem far removed from the world of video games.

Esport is taking on a scale that was still unimaginable a few years ago. While the number of players explodes every year, the games in which the competitions take place are also more and more numerous. Symbol of this lightning development, Microsoft has just sponsored a brand new esport competition, to say the least original. With a total cash prize of $ 10,000 this competition is attracting more and more players, quite different from those we are used to seeing in esports competitions. Indeed this brand new tournament takes place on Excel, the famous Microsoft spreadsheet.

Even more surprisingly, the competition is not its first. Every year, Microsoft Excel players compete in the Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC). While the first rounds of the competition have already taken place, there are only eight game experts left to compete for the title of best user (player?) Of Microsoft Excel. The quarters, semi-finals and finals took place this weekend.

The competition, won by Andrew Ngai, Michael Jarman, Jason W. Moore and Tim Roberts lasted over two hours. This is indeed the time it took for candidates to be able to answer between six and fifteen questions relating to a case study of a one to five page Excel document.

In order to make the competition as attractive as possible, Microsoft has seen it big. Indeed, the firm has decided to take the model of classic esport competitions, with a stage, an American-style show when players enter but also commentators and advertisers to make monitoring the competition as simple as possible. possible. If you are a fan of the Office suite, it is possible to take part in competitions like the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship which covers the entire Office suite including Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The latter makes it possible to become the “Microsoft Champion”.

A competition that can make you smile but which could not be more serious. Indeed, competitions allow players to earn a lot of money and notoriety. The latter allows them in a second step to experience a good career development.

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