Microsoft has the ultimate solution for sharing files between PCs

The Windows developer company, microsoft, has taken its web browser project very seriously with the new Edge. This is something that is clearly demonstrated with the constant improvements and updates that it sends to the users of the program, as is the case.

Along these same lines, we want to focus on an interesting new feature that the firm is testing and that will probably soon reach everyone. Specifically, we refer to the new function called Drop that for the moment we can find in the Canary version of the Edge web browser. To give you an idea of ​​all this, this functionality allows users to transfer files and notes between all installations of the program. These are the ones that we install on the different devices that use the same browser account.

As you can imagine, this will be extremely useful if we have several computers or devices that use a same Microsoft account in this program. It is true that we have several options to transfer files between devices. We may use external storage devices or online synchronization services. But now Edge users will be able to use drop for these types of tasks. It is an integrated function that proposes us to transfer files between devices using the OneDrive service as a storage path.

Of course, to benefit from Drop, it is mandatory that Let’s sign in with a Microsoft account. Keep in mind that we will have to use the OneDrive cloud storage for the file transfers that we mentioned. It is evident that for all this our OneDrive space must be free, at least in part.

How to view and use the Drop feature in Edge

Well, right now we have the latest updated version of Edge Canary, we will see that Drop appears as an icon next to the navigation bar. If not, we can always activate its display from the menu option Settings / Appearance to activate the Drop icon in the mentioned browser bar.

activate drop edge

Once this is done, clicking on that icon will open the Drop interface. Here we can make use of the + button to open a File Explorer window to choose the files that we are going to share. These are automatically uploaded to our OneDrive account. Also, it is important to know that the new feature supports loading many contents simultaneously. Furthermore, some of these files support a preview of their content in this interface.

At the same time we find a text field that allows us to write notes and share them equally. All of this will be available on all devices running Edge with this Microsoft account. We have already told you that the feature uses OneDrive for the storage of all these elements. But with everything and with it, at the moment we will not see any indicator that indicates the Drop space. Edge creates a new folder in the online service for shared items.

drop edge

Also, those who don’t want to use Drop can right-click the Drop icon to hide it from the interface.

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