Microsoft improves dark theme in Windows 10

The dark theme has become one of the most popular, and most widely used, in Windows 10. The dark theme applies a dark color to many items on the desktop, including window backgrounds. This change makes working with said operating system, for many users, more comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Personally I prefer it, since the very marked white backgrounds generate a certain visual discomfort.

However, the dark theme in Windows 10 it did not finish being applied at all well, and that had been available for a long time in said operating system. This presented some inconsistencies that made it not finish being applied in certain elements of the system, such as the search function, a problem that Microsoft has finally decided to solve.

This problem is quite curious, since the main applications that Windows 10 brings, such as the calculator, the Microsoft Store and others, had perfectly adapted to the dark theme. Luckily Microsoft has decided to solve it with an update which makes the search window perfectly suited to the dark theme, displaying all results with a black background, even those that are focused on Bing.

The update eliminates that annoying white background, and allows us to enjoy a complete integration of the dark theme in Windows 10. If you want to activate the dark theme in Windows 10, but you are not sure how to do it, do not worry, it is very easy, and in this article I will explain all the steps you must take:

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  • Press the Windows key and type “Settings.”
  • We select the first result and enter “Personalization”.
  • Once there, we go to “Colors” and choose the dark theme.
  • If we want to abandon said theme and return to the classic theme, we can do so by repeating the previous process, but choosing the clear theme, without further ado.

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