Microsoft improves the Xbox application for Windows and removes restrictions

The new Xbox app for Windows will allow users to install games from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass for PC to any folder of their choice and without the restrictions (incomprehensible) that until now existed.

Microsoft will catch up with Steam or in the new Xbox app update for Windows, addressing the big problem that exists when it comes to install games and control those facilities. And it is that installing games from the Microsoft Store (also from Xbox Game Pass) is a real toothache before the restrictions of the folders. This makes facility management difficult, whether you’re trying to back up, install mods, or move games to another storage device.

The move will allow players to access and modify game folders or allow them to be freely moved to any folder or drive of your choice, including secondary drives. Although Microsoft has admitted mods For certain Microsoft Store titles previously, opening the games folder access will now allow these modifiers to be installed on a larger number of titles.

Another interesting improvement comes from the possibilities of backup and restore. Other game launchers like those mentioned from Steam or allow players to back up, restore, and verify games. The new Xbox software update for Windows includes a specific option for check and repair files, which will be used to back up the games backup.

There are also new options to find where the files are installed, change the drive where the games are installed, choose custom folders for installations and in short greater flexibility. Microsoft has published a video with the news and will soon release the version to the Insider channel. The updated app is expected to appear in beta before the release of the free multiplayer version of Halo Infinite on December 8.

All these improvements will contribute, incidentally, to improve a Microsoft Store that has not met expectations, not even taking advantage of hundreds of millions of Windows installations. Recall that the new Microsoft Store for Windows 11 (extended to Windows 10) has been vastly improved, more open, more profitable, with better performance in all sections and ultimately, more attractive for developers and users.

It should be for gamers too. And pressure the big digital stores like Valve to improve services or lower prices.

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