Microsoft Internet Explorer dies in June

The Redmond giant has issued a new official statement to remind you that Internet Explorer 11, a browser that still has a high rate of use in certain procedures of great importance, will go “to a better life” in June of this year. The company already announced it in May 2021, but it is aware of the weight that this browser still has, and has wanted to remind it so that the most lagging, and the forgetful, are aware of this change.

With the “death” of Internet Explorer 11, an important change will take place, and that is that the future of said browser will be Microsoft Edge. The Redmond company will use a legacy mode based on Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge, which will allow you to use this browser for all those procedures and actions that required Internet Explorer 11 to work correctly. In principle, this should ensure an optimal transition without any major problems, at least in theory.

Starting June 15 this year, Internet Explorer 11 will be unsupported and the desktop app will be removed from certain versions of Windows 10. If we try to access it, the system will redirect the user to Microsoft Edge. The integration of the Internet Explorer mode will allow us to centralize our activity around Edge without problems, and without having to enter into complicated configurations.

The transition from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge is so totally normal that it doesn’t take us by surprise. This browser will end up closing a cycle and giving way to another more modern and better resolved browser that, in addition, is more secure and offers a superior user experience. If you were one of those who still used Internet Explorer, don’t worry, Microsoft Edge will cover your needsand if you want to try something different, you can always jump to another browser, such as Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox, to give two well-known examples.

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In the attached image you can see the support that the legacy mode will have in different operating systems, and the date on which it will expire.

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