Microsoft invests $ 500 million to improve cybersecurity in the cloud

Today everything is in the cloud and logically companies need to have a really active security in these services. Apple users have iCloud for our cloud services Furthermore, the Cupertino company always invests very actively in security and we can confirm that there have been few problems in this regard. A few years ago a security problem with some Hollywood stars suggested that the fault was due to poor password management, never Apple.

In this sense, companies as large as Apple or Microsoft have to invest huge amounts of money to be safe. The news comes in this case from Microsoft having acquired the RiskIQ company, which is a San Francisco-based company that offers all kinds of threat analysis tools and programs through the cloud. RiskIQ can help businesses identify and remediate asset vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them.

It has not been officially confirmed but the estimated amount the company could have paid is $ 500 million. This figure is really high but the security of the cloud content is essential for companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc … TechCrunch explained that the countryside did not officially confirm the value of this purchase but it is estimated that this would be the amount. Elias Manousos, co-founder and CEO of the company that was founded last year 2009, said he was “delighted” with the operation.

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