Microsoft is already preparing a new chip for Xbox Series X

Has passed less than a year and a half since the arrival of Xbox Series X on the marketand although it has been quite a complicated period, due to the enormous scarcity experienced by the market, the time has come to start thinking about the first evolution of it, either as a “minor” update in which the version is maintained but some improvement is made, that is with the mid-generation replacement, which should be produced either by the end of this year or, more likely, between the middle and the end of next year.

Yes, we are talking about a long way to go, but we must bear in mind that These types of improvements and changes are not made overnight. They can take a long time, especially if they consist of improvements that involve the redesign of the most complex components. And of course, if we talk about its APU, it is clear that we are talking about a very, very complex component. So much so that, if we expect a relay on Xbox Series X next year, Microsoft must already be working on it.

And that is precisely what we can read in VGC, which points to reports according to which Microsoft is already testing a new APU for Xbox Series X. It is not clear, in said information, what the improvements that are being evaluated consist of, but they do indicate that they are aimed at improving their performance, as well as their efficiency (nothing that really surprises us much).

Microsoft is already preparing a new chip for Xbox Series X

It is not clear, either, the state of development of this improved APU for Xbox Series X, which added to the fact that we do not know the effects of these performance improvements either, makes us doubt whether this new chip will be the successor to the current APU in the existing version or if, on the contrary, we find ourselves at the first sign of what should be its revision, which would mark the middle of the life cycle of this generation. Perhaps it is the chip of the future Xbox Series X Elite? It would make sense to think about it.

Be that as it may, and although both Microsoft and Sony have been satisfied with this new generation, the truth is that there are quite improvable aspects of both, as we already told you here. Xbox Series X Elite and PlayStation 5 Pro may feature some performance improvements, but not solve all the problems that we already told you then. And don’t get me wrong, all improvements are welcome, but there is so much work to be done on this, that I think it is best to transfer all expectations to the next generation… and carefully.

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