Microsoft is going to totally change File Explorer, here’s what to expect

The file explorer has been pampered in recent months by Microsoft, and the giant is preparing to make new changes that should make it even more modern, but above all more practical to use.

Shortly after the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft significantly redesigned one of its key programs: File Explorer. The latter had benefited from a brand new modernized design and some additional features. The software had also become less resource-intensive, and even much faster and more stable.

While we thought that Microsoft was done with the changes for the file explorer, it is not. According to information from Windows Latest, the American giant is once again preparing to make big changes to its softwareand we already know some of them.

What’s new for File Explorer?

According to Windows Latest, we can first expect Microsoft to come up with a redesigned Header with a file directory box, a much more modern search box and home button. The media does not have images of the changes, so it will be necessary to wait until these are available for the first Insiders.

Microsoft is also planning better integration with Microsoft 365 for featured files and more in-depth file details. File Explorer will therefore be able to offer recommendations from your organization in the “recommended” files section. These recommendations will include large thumbnails so you can easily see the files.

Next, expect an update to the entire left side devoted to navigation, as well as the details pane for a richer experience. Windows Latest also teases a new “Gallery” area for better photo viewing. When you click on the “Gallery” button under “Home”, a series of images from the “Images” folder will automatically appear, all sorted by date. You will be able to click on the image and the details will automatically appear on the right in the details pane.

Finally, we can hope for better performance and better integration with the Web, without further details. For the moment, these changes are not yet available to Insidersbut Microsoft is expected to roll out the new version soon.

Source : Windows Latest

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