Microsoft is working on a Chromecast-style stick to stream Xbox games to TV

Microsoft is working on a Google Chromecast-style HDMI key capable of streaming Xbox Game Pass games. According to a leak, the group has approached Samsung to develop an application for the brand’s Smart TVs. The accessory will make life easier for people who want to play on their television without investing in an Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass
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Microsoft is determined to turn to video game streaming. According to information shared by Jeff Grubb, journalist and informant at Venturebeat, the American group is currently developing “an Xbox video game streaming device”. With the Xbox Series S and X, Microsoft operated a shift in strategy. From now on, the manufacturer no longer focuses on the sale of hardware.

Sony’s rival aims to allow all players, whether they have an Xbox console or not, to access the Xbox games catalog. It is with this in mind that all Xbox Game Pass games are accessible on other terminals. Designed like the Netflix of video games, this service allows you to play a large catalog of unlimited games. It is possible to play from a PC or smartphone. The subscription is priced between €9.99 and €12.99 per month.

Microsoft will make it easier to stream Xbox games to TV

This initiative is called “Xbox Everywhere”. By Microsoft’s own admission, this strategy aims to “empowering everyone to play the games they want, with the people they want, on the devices they already own”. With this in mind, Microsoft is working on a device similar to an HDMI donglelike the Google Chromecast or the Amazon Firestick.

Once connected to your TV, the device will make it easier to stream games to the screen, from your phone or computer via the Wi-Fi network. The dongle should not stop there. The key in development at Microsoft “will provide access to movie and TV services in addition to a library of games via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate”.

To broadcast the games, it will also be possible to go through an application on your Smart TV. According to the leak, Microsoft has entered into a partnership with Samsung, a leading smart TV vendor. If you have a branded TV, you won’t need to invest in an additional accessory to enjoy streaming Xbox games. Citing “people familiar with plans” of the company, Jeff Grubb claims that Microsoft will launch the accessory “over the next 12 months”.

Source : VentureBeat

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