Microsoft is working to bring Android 12L to its Surface Duo 1 and 2

Android 12L is a version of the Google OS designed for formats with two screens or with a large foldable screen. Microsoft is reportedly working to adapt it to its Surface Duo 1 and 2. Enough to improve the user experience.


Microsoft has not really convinced with its Surface Duo, its first Android smartphone released in 2020, and it is not the second iteration (released last year) that has caught up. Could the dual-screen smartphone be saved by Android 12L? In any case, the Redmond firm is working to adapt it to its terminals.

It is the German site deskmodder which asserts that Microsoft board to adapt Android 12L on both smartphones. For now, it is still in the testing phase but could arrive in some time. The German site specifies that the Surface Duo first of the name would not go through the Android 12 box and will be directly updated to Android 12L.

Android 12L could bring something new to Surface Duos

Currently, the Surface Duo has Android 11 while the Surface Duo 2 benefits from Android 12. Both offer an overlay supposed to adapt to the very particular two-screen format. However, it is clear that the Duos do not make sparks. If the will to do well is there, the terminals countless bugs crawl around and undergo sometimes very curious design choices. The arrival of Android 12L, which natively adapts to two displays, could thus bring a more stable and pleasant experience to the user.

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Microsoft could choose not to release Surface Duo 3 in 2022, leaving himself a year to refine his formula. Thus, Android 12L could serve as a lifeline to bring the terminals to life while awaiting a complete overhaul of the range.

As a reminder, Android 12L was unveiled in the summer of 2021. This is a version of the OS that wants to adapt in unusual formats, such as smartphones with two screens or foldables. It brings various new features, such as the inclusion of a taskbar or a two-column display. Something that the Surface Duos are already doing… but which deserves to be improved.

Source: deskmodder

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