Microsoft Launcher incorporates the rewards for Spain

microsoft launcher is spreading a new update among its entire user base and if you are one of them, you are interested in knowing what it brings new, even if it is not much; and if you’re not, but you use Windows as your PC’s operating system, you’re even more interested, because you won’t reach Redmond zen until you try Microsoft Launcher.

In short, Microsoft failed in its attempt to conquer mobile devices, which were not portable, but it reacted in time and managed to settle on Android as if it were its own platform, just as Bill Gates himself recounted at the time, telling the bad, but also the good of the trip. And it has all been thanks to the deployment of its applications on Android and, ultimately, to the integration of Android and Windows via software.

Of all the software that Microsoft has released for Android, one of the key pieces is Microsoft Launcher, a launcher for Android that has not been limited to promoting the Microsoft experience in the mobile system, and is that, in fact, it is one of the launchers -Android desktops- top rated on Google Play. Something on the other hand normal, considering that a giant like Microsoft has made an effort to make it so.

Microsoft Launcher 6 is the latest version of the application to date, although since its launch it has received a good number of updates correcting errors and adding new features and functions that have only improved the whole, little by little and steadily. incremental. Proof of this is the update that arrives now, with a handful of corrections and just a couple of new features aimed at Windows users -or would it be Microsoft?- more assiduous.

Thus, Microsoft Launcher adds a promotional banner on the news feed page for users who do not have the Start application installed and extends the Microsoft Rewards widget support for users in Spain and Italy. In other words, what has been said, news only for the most coffee lovers, who use everything from Microsoft, including of course Edge as a web browser, coupons and others.

However, the topic of rewards may be of interest to some, as it allows you to win “free prizes” (I find that funny: do paid prizes exist? How sad that would be), as well as accumulate points – for example, by using your browser daily – that can be redeemed in the Microsoft Store for applications or products that are sold there.

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