Microsoft launches Windows Autopatch to make companies forget about updates

Evil lurks in cyberspace. The expression may be somewhat dramatic, but it is no less true for that. Every time we connect to our devices, millions of cyber threats may choose us as their next target. Prioritizing safety, therefore, is vital. Especially at a professional level, when we handle data and information from our company and clients. Security patching helps us fix those bugs and loopholes that can leave us vulnerable to cyberattacks. In this sense, Microsoft has launched the cloud service Windows Autopatch, for customers with Windows Enterprise E3 and E5 licenses.

This is a new automated patching service that aims to automate Windows security updates. It will also help security teams better manage the patching process. Be careful, with this service it is not about replacing the monthly Windows Patch Tuesday updates, since the technological giant will continue with its regular updates on the second Tuesday of each month.

Windows Autopatch is intended to help streamline the process for security teams at Redmond enterprise customers. Windows Autopatch will automate the updating of Windows 10/11, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft 365 software.

How Windows Autopatch Helps

This new option from Microsoft offers different solutions to some of the most important challenges that companies face today. By keeping your software up to date, Windows Autopatch closes the security gap so there are fewer vulnerabilities and threats.

It also closes the productivity gap. That’s because by adopting features as they become available, Microsoft users get the latest tools so they can improve authoring and collaboration.

Windows Autopatch automates the most routine endpoint updates and also minimizes end-user disruption. That is, by releasing sequential update rings, it minimizes interruptions to the user. Another advantage of this new service is that it minimizes not only the investment in time spent by IT administrators. But also the investment in local hardware, as updates are delivered from the cloud.

Also, while the update is in progress, Windows Autopatch also monitors it. Therefore, if you detect a problem during the version, you can pause it during the version, or revert the update.

To access this service, users only need to access this website and register. Autopatch will do most of the work of applying these patches, while administrators will have access to features in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Thanks to them, they will be able to adjust aspects of the service such as device identification, dashboards, reports or additional support.

Changing systems in any way can cause second thoughts, but unpatched software can leave gaps in protection, and by keeping Windows and Microsoft 365 apps up to date, you get the full value of new features designed to enhance creativity and productivity. collaboration”, has stated about the tasks of Windows Autopatch Lior Bela, Microsoft senior product marketing manager for Microsoft Managed Desktop and Windows Autopatch.

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