Microsoft launches Windows Community Toolkit Labs

Microsoft has launched Windows Community Toolkit Labswhich from now on will be, according to SD Times, the main source for the company to develop new features for the development of new features for the Windows Community Toolkit.

This space’s mission is to function as a safe space for collaboration and proposal of solutions to address from the prototyping phase of new functions to the final phase of development, in which tested and ready components are obtained.

According to those responsible for Redmond, users will have more facilities to make contributions to the toolkit with Windows Community Toolkit Labs. Also to test new functions that are under development, and to work together with other users in the development process.

The new repository, popularly known as Labs, will be a hub for discussions of new features and development, as well as a platform for “experiments” in their early stages. Each one of them will represent a new component, or a group of them related to each other. Everyone will start their roadmap in Labs, and there they will develop from its initial implementation to become a final function after its corresponding tests and meet a series of requirements and quality tests.

Windows Community Toolkit Labs allows users make changes and test the implementation of your ideas. All without having to worry about preparing your code to be compliant for submission to a repository. Microsoft also benefits from this new platform, as it makes it easier for them to receive feedback from developers, as well as help users collaborate on a new feature or component, or on documentation development.

Labs also gives the opportunity to abstract the quality criteria as part of the process, as well as to incrementally review the code. It also allows passing components from the prototyping phase to the production phase, to convert it into perfectly finished components.

To access the Labs you need to visit this Github page, review the list of topics and start participating in the discussions. It’s that simple. Additionally, Microsoft will begin opening the Labs to new experiments when version 7.1.3 of the toolkit is released. It will then also focus on moving more new developments to the Labs.

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