Microsoft now introduces ads in the Windows 11 start menu

Microsoft does it again because it’s crappy and, most likely, ineffective, and introduces ads in the same start menu of Windows 11. This is how some users are denouncing it and none seems to be happy, although with a little desire and tomorrow, it can be deactivated.

Reviewing Microsoft’s history in this regard, there are plenty of examples and it is not even necessary to go back a long way: advertising in Microsoft Office, in WordPad, in general, in several of its applications, not only in Windows but also in Android, and has never been well received by the user.

In fact, advertising returns to start menu, where it was not so long ago to promote the Edge browser intrusively where they exist. With a little more restraint, although with the same lack of taste, the protagonist is now OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service.

This is what it looks like, according to a user on Twitter:

In the menu of the menu, for more inri. And it doesn’t end there, because it depends on the level of the user’s status with the service, that is, it depends on whether they already have a OneDrive account linked to the same system, whether they are identified in the application of OneDrive, etc, that the message varies and is one or the other.

It should be noted in favor of Microsoft that these ads that we are talking about now are not generalized, but are being shown only to certain users, probably as part of tests that the company is carrying out for its next implementation.

It must also be recognized that Microsoft has every right to display advertising in its software, no matter how paid it may be, which does not remove the legitimate criticism of a practice that disfigures the ways in which the company promotes its products and services within your products and services, as redundant as it is, it is.

Of course for Microsoft this is not advertising, they are just recommendations… that no one has asked for and that no one seems to like, but they shoehorn you in where you least expect. The curious thing is that perhaps because it is done in such a supposedly subtle way, it is even more annoying; as if some more prominent advertisement could not be shown, but less embedded.

The good news is that who dislikes this type of advertising, you can disable it, as taught in this Neowin article. However, be warned that this is a delicate modification that can cause problems. Keep that in mind. We checked it first-hand and we’ll tell you.

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