Microsoft offers a USB key to users forced to reinstall Windows because of the Insider program

Subscribers to the Windows Insider Dev channel have found that they have been “upgraded” to the new Canary channel. They will have to reinstall Windows if they wish to return to the Dev channel.

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Credit: NeoWin

If you are a subscriber to Microsoft’s Insider program for Windows, you are aware that the Redmond firm has created a new channel for distributing updates to its operating system. If you want to benefit from the latest features developed by the company, it is to the Canary channel that you must now subscribe.

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The canal Canary is for more advanced users, the daredevils who are not afraid to crash their system. Microsoft makes no secret of it, this version of its OS is highly unstable, and many of the technical changes that are integrated into it will not be found in the consumer version of Windows 11 or Windows 12. These effects are well known to the most seasoned subscribers.

Microsoft is giving away a USB key to Insider subscribers who want to return to the Dev channel

There is one point, however, on which Microsoft didn’t communicate well : Dev channel subscribers have had their account automatically upgraded to Canary. As NeoWin points out, “The only option to go from Canary to Dev/Beta/Release Preview/Stable is to reinstall Windows “. A not very complicated procedure, but which subscribers to Insider for Windows would have done well.

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To be forgiven, Microsoft therefore offers a USB key to these users. All they have to do is click on the link sent by email and fill out a form, with the number provided in the email. Note that the Redmond company has apparently not provided enough USB keys for all injured users, since the page created by the company specifies that the distribution is done on a “first come, first served” basis. Also, if you don’t want to stay on the Canary channel, don’t wait for the delivery of the key to switch: it will only arrive in 6 to 8 weeks.

Source : NeoWin

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