Microsoft Office is now Microsoft 365, it’s the end of an era

Microsoft Office is changing its name! It’s a small revolution in offices as the name has become synonymous with productivity and work. With this new image, Microsoft confirms that the Cloud and accessibility have become its priorities.

After formalizing its new Surface computers, announcing the compatibility of XBox Gaming Cloud, its video game streaming platform, with ARM processors, or even presenting its integration into Horizons World, the virtual world according to Meta, Microsoft announces that its famous suite Office software is changing its name. Now you have to call him Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Office is an ancestor in today’s IT landscape. The Redmond firm’s productivity software suite is appeared on PCs in November 1990, and although it has undergone many redesigns, it has never disappeared. On the contrary, it has become an omnipresent tool in our professional lives. If you work in an office, chances are you use Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

Microsoft is rebranding, goodbye Office, hello Microsoft 365

In thirty two years of existence, Office has grown with the addition of new programs: OneNote, SharePoint, Outlook, the list is long. It has survived all the technological changes of the last three decades: appearance of the Internet, democratization of smartphones and tablets, generalization of the Cloud. Proof that the software suite is available on all media, Meta and Microsoft have teamed up to offer Office and Teams in virtual reality!

For those who have the pleasure of working with the brand’s software on a daily basis, the experience will not change. Microsoft declares on its site that in the coming months,, the Office mobile application and Office apps for Windows will be united in a Microsoft 365 program, with a new icon, new look and even more features. The brand change will be gradual. It will begin with the online application in November, and will be completed next January, on mobile apps.

Microsoft will use Microsoft 365 as a hub uniting all applications and from which it will be possible to communicate with colleagues and organize their work. The most nostalgic users, or those who don’t like going online to work can still buy Office 2021. However, this software suite will no longer be updated in the future and obviously does not offer any of the communication and sharing features of Microsoft 365.

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