Microsoft Outlook crashes when you open an email containing a table

Microsoft says Outlook has a bug that crashes the client when opening certain types of emails, such as those containing Uber receipts or tables. A workaround is offered pending a fix, which should arrive on the next Patch Tuesday.

Has your Outlook email client suddenly stopped responding without you understanding why lately? Microsoft admits that a bug is currently affecting its platform. When a user opens an email containing a table, Outlook may start to crash.

“When you open, reply to, or forward emails that contain complex tables, Outlook stops responding”, says Microsoft. If the American group evokes “complex paintings” At the origin of the bug, simple Uber receipts are enough to cause a crash of the service.

Tables and emails from Uber crash Outlook and Word

The issue affects Microsoft 365 customers who use the Current Channel, the channel that receives feature and security updates most frequently. All builds from version 2206 build 15330.20196 are affected by the issue. In Preview versions, the bug can also cause slowdowns.

Opening emails that cause Outlook to crash can also disable the Microsoft Word application if it is open. For Word, a fix has already been developed and will be rolled out to beta users very soon. For Outlook’s current channel, Microsoft is promising a fix in the next Patch Tuesday, which is scheduled to be available on August 9, 2022.

For those who don’t want to wait for the update to get rid of this very annoying bug, Microsoft offers to upgrade to an earlier version of Microsoft Office, which is not affected by this problem. To do this, simply open a command prompt in the administrator interface and then enter the two commands below:

Press the Enter key on the keyboard after each of them to confirm the operation.

Source : Microsoft

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