Microsoft Outlook spam filter is allegedly broken

The service Outlook email, belonging to Microsoft, has not generally had a good reputation when it comes to filtering spam, however, many users are reporting in the last hours through social networks that their inboxes have been filled with junk that should have been filtered by the serviceso they have come to the conclusion that the filter or filters are broken.

Apparently Outlook’s problems when filtering spam would not come from an error introduced or produced in the last few hours, but could come from a deterioration that the service had during the last few weeks, or at least that It is what they speculate from the medium The Verge. Outlook’s recent inability to filter spam or filter spam correctly is affecting users in North America and Europe at least.

Aside from the inconvenience of seeing an inbox full of spam, possibly The worst thing is the constant notifications that are coming to users who use the Outlook mobile application or a compatible email client with Microsoft service. In case of being affected by spam filtering problems, it is advisable to disable notifications until the Redmond giant has corrected them, which obviously forces the user to have to do a more manual supervision of their correspondence.

Microsoft, at least for now, has not responded to The Verge’s request for explanations, but seeing the complaints that are being published on social networks and that the media are already reproducing, it would be logical to think that sooner or later , post at least some statement about it.

Is It is not the first serious incident that Outlook is facing in this current year 2023, since just a month ago the email service had a worldwide drop that also affected Office, Teams and Xbox Live, among others. Microsoft’s dominance in the consumer market meant that this affected tens of millions of users around the world.

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