Microsoft prepares news and improvements in Edge that you will like

The Edge web browser has begun to implement a new tab search button design in its Canary version. On the other hand, Microsoft together with Google are developing a new API to improve the use of the clipboard and integrate it with native Windows and web applications.

New tab search button design

We had previously reported that Google’s browser, Chrome, had updated the criticized design of the search tab button. In this way, it now looks more like Windows controls. Microsoft did not want to be less and has also enabled a new style for this function that can already be enabled in the Canary version of Edge.

Along with the new cosmetic change, the new tab search button also incorporates new functionality. So far, this button in Edge only worked when vertical tabs are enabled. Now with the new button it does not disappear when changing from horizontal to vertical tabs, although at the moment it is in the testing phase to correct errors, so it is not 100% reliable.

In order to see and test the design of this button, we must have Edge Canary downloaded to our computer, as it is currently in the testing phase. If we don’t have it downloaded, we can download it from here. Subsequently, we must right-click on the shortcut to Microsoft Edge Canary and select the “Properties” section. Here, in the Destination field, we leave a blank space at the end and add:


In this way the complete path must be such that:

"C: / Users / User / AppData / Local / Microsoft / Edge SxS / Application / msedge.exe" –enable-features=msTabSearch,Win10TabSearchCaptionButton

Next, when we open Edge Canary again we will see the new tab searches button located in the upper right part.

Clipboard feature enhancements

On the other hand, Microsoft is working on a new API Pickle Clipboard which would take care of improving the default clipboard feature in Edge. This would allow users to more easily copy and paste data between the browser and native applications. Edge-based sites or web applications currently have limited access to their clipboard content. With the new API, we will soon be able to copy and paste custom file formats between web applications and native applications on Windows, macOS, Android, among other platforms.

The new benefits of the upcoming clipboard API are based on:

  • It allows us to copy / paste between web and native applications and that will be found within the operating system.
  • Developers will be able to create custom clipboard formats.
  • Preserve security / privacy.
  • Provide detailed control of the clipboard.
  • Built on the existing Async Clipboard API.

At the moment, Microsoft has confirmed that it has already started working through various Chromium code patches on supporting Chromium browser-compatible custom clipboard formats.

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