Microsoft raises the price of the Xbox Series X and Game Pass: take advantage of this offer!

Xbox Series X review

Bad news for those who followed Saving for an Xbox Series X. Microsoft has announced that it will raise the price of its console starting in August, which will mean a increase of 50 euros compared to the current price. The worst thing is that the Xbox Game Pass subscription service will also increase its price, so playing with Xbox will be a little more expensive in two months.

The Xbox Series X price hike

Xbox Series X review

A few months ago we could see how Sony was forced to raise the price of PlayStation 5 due to collateral damage from the component crisis and worldwide distribution, and now, after avoiding it at first, Microsoft has decided to stop resisting and end up dragged down the stream

And it is that the Xbox Series X will also rise in priceplacing himself in some very hard €549.99, which represents an increase of 50 euros compared to the current 499.99 euros. The company has had no choice but to restructure its pricing policy, so those who still did not have the services of the most powerful console on the market will now have to assume the price increase.

An offer at the best time

But if there is something you should pay attention to, it is the following offer, since the Xbox Series X is on offer on Amazon for 479.99 euroswhich is a small discount compared to the original price, but quite an interesting discount compared to the new price to be adopted in August.

For that reason, right now is one of the best times to buy an Xbox Series X, since we don’t know when it will have a new similar offer again.

Xbox Series S is still just as cheap

xbox series s

The good news is that the smallest in the family will still cost the same. The official price of 299.99 euros will not change, so it will continue to be the cheapest Xbox proposal without any modification (and currently on offer).

The Netflix of video games rises in price

Xbox Game Pass cheaper with ads.

Unfortunately, the restructuring of prices has also affected the service most loved by players. Xbox Game Pass will modify the price of the monthly fee to go from the 12.99 euros it costs the Ultimate version at a new 14.99 euroswhile the console version will rise from 9.99 euros to €10.99.

This represents an annual increase of 24 and 12 euros respectively, an amount that from our point of view is still worth taking into account the Day 1 launches that are received throughout the year. Still, there will be users who are upset by the rise.

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