Microsoft releases a major firmware update for Surface Pro 5 and Surface Pro 6

The Redmond giant has released a important update for Surface Pro 5 and Surface Pro 6 that includes a set of drivers and firmware, and that aims to introduce improvements at the level of performance, security and stability, as well as resolve critical vulnerabilities, according to the news source.

Both models of Surface Pro use different hardware, since the fifth generation model comes with processors Intel Core Gen7 and the sixth generation model mounts processors IntelCore Gen8but despite this they are located in the same driver update channel, which explains why both have received this update simultaneously.

It is important to note that the deployment of these types of updates They usually unfold gradually. which means that they may not appear as immediately available to you. If this happens to you, be patient, in the end it is only a matter of time until you can download and install them. It is not recommended to force the installation as you could end up with serious problems, so keep that in mind as well.

Next we will review the components which includes this update:

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  • Surface – Firmware – 238.167.768.0 Surface UEFI – Firmware.
  • Surface – Firmware – Surface ME – Firmware.
  • Intel – System – 2145.1.42.0 Intel Management Engine Interface – System Devices.
  • Intel – Software Component – ​​1.63.1155.2 Intel ICLS Client – ​​Software Devices.

In order to download it, it is also necessary that we have a properly updated Surface Pro 5 or 6. The minimum requirement at the operating system level is windows 10 version 2004, that is, updated to the May 2020 version.

According to Microsoft, no problem has been detected with this update, so in theory its installation is totally safe. All in all, I always recommend that to proceed with the installation of this type of update you have a backup copy prepared, and that you remember that they are updates that they cannot be undone.

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