Microsoft releases an Office update for Apple Silicon

Microsoft Excel

It has just released a new version of its Office office suite in which it adds official support for Excel on Apple computers that have Apple Silicon processors. This new version comes after a time when many users had complained about having to run Rosetta 2 to get this tool working on Macs with M1 processors.

Excel version 16.57 It allows execution to be carried out natively on all Macs. So all those who have a new computer with an M1, M1 pro or M1 Max processor can use the popular Microsoft tool natively on their computers.

Excel is fully compatible with Macs using Apple Silicon

Now we can say that Excel is fully compatible with Macs that have an Apple Silicon CPU inside. Power Query in Excel for Mac is now natively supported on all Apple Silicon processor models. You may have previously used the Rosetta emulator to run Excel, now with this new version you can now disable it and run Excel natively on your Mac.

Apple warned that Rosetta 2 was a kind of temporary solution to give developers time to modify and develop their applications or tools based on Intel. This is meant to run on Macs with the new Arm processors, which doesn’t mean this is a definitive solution. In any case, you can now update your Office so that the Excel program ends up working natively on your new Mac.

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