Microsoft removes 25 functions to configure Windows Update

How could it be otherwise, all of this is managed by Microsoft itself, which is in charge of sending us these elements. Through Windows Update we can receive various types of updates, some more important than others, and not only for the operating system. Starting from the basis that the aforementioned updates are one of the key elements of the system of those of Redmond, this function must be taken care of. But it seems that the firm itself wants to have more control over it and reduce configuration options by users.

We tell you all this because from now on Microsoft will not allow configuration of 25 Windows Update features. The main reason for all this that we tell you is that the Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 operating systems they now have different policies that administrators can configure in this regard. Some of these features existing to date can no longer be configured by the user. According to Microsoft it is because they have become irrelevant or have been replaced by a better option. but the reality is that the hundreds of millions of users of the system lose some of the control they had over this functionality.

All this means that those who open the Group Policy Editor will find 25 fewer Windows Update features, since we will not be able to configure them.

Microsoft reduces Windows Update settings

As we have seen in the blog of the official website of the firm itself In Redmond, from Microsoft’s point of view there is a set of Windows update features that no longer matter. There are also those that do not work as described in the computers with version 20H2 or later. Another of the reasons given in this regard is that there are functions that do not work, but not as well as in the beginning.

As we mentioned before, the software giant mentions a total of 25 features that it briefly describes. Also, next to your description you attach the reason why you have removed the user configuration capability. Keep in mind that among the deleted Windows Update functions we find some important ones. To give you an idea, we refer to the possibility of install updates and shutdown, delay restart for scheduled ones, or prevent update notifications.

So up to a total of 25 functionalities. These to date allowed users and administrators to have maximum control over this Windows feature. On the one hand, Microsoft tries to make things easier for us by automating tasks in the operating system. However, many users who have been using this software for many years want to have maximum control over it. Therefore, this type of movement does nothing more than subtract the possibility to fully customize Windows, which many do not like.

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