Microsoft removes Internet Explorer from your PC today

Internet Explorer is, for better or worse, a key reference in the history of the Internet.. The first of Microsoft’s browsers was launched in August 1995, nearly 28 years ago, with the intention of taking on its rivals in a market that was just being born. Although it came as part of Plus! for Windows 95. With its launch, one of the most interesting aspects of the Internet began to be written and one that continues today, although under very different conditions: the browser wars.

About 20 years after its launch, in March 2015, the company presented Microsoft Edge, the browser that would be called to replace Internet Explorer, which had its latest version 11. However, and mainly for compatibility reasons, the firstborn of Microsoft’s browsers has remained on many computers for many years after its “disappearance” which, de facto, was not such.

When we talk about compatibility, we refer mainly to tailor-made developments for large companies, as well as old applications that have not been renewed over time and that, for various reasons, are only compatible with Internet Explorer. This, counted in 2023, may sound strange, especially in the domestic environment, but the truth is that there is much more to this in the business world than it seems from the outside.

Microsoft removes Internet Explorer from your PC today

However, everything must have an end. Thus, and as we already told you in October of last year, Internet Explorer’s months were numbered, although it is true that Redmond’s are in everything and, to avoid problems for their users, guaranteed the possibility of continuing to use their technology, that of Internet Explorer, but in a more secure environment, at least until the next decade. And what is it that changes then? Well, the basic elements of IE run as an instance of Microsoft Edge, which provides a higher level of security and reliability.

Today has come the day, the date chosen by the Redmonds, so that Internet Explorer installations that are still “alive” have been or will be disabled throughout the day. So, if you’re stuck on Windows 10 (remember, Windows 11 doesn’t include Internet Explorer) and try to open the old browser, you’ll be greeted with a message that this is no longer possible, and then it will crash. It will open Microsoft Edge in which, yes, you can reload the tabs you want in compatibility mode with Internet Explorer.

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